Online constructor for application ICQ
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Protocols: icq ICQ
Step 1: Start
Step 2: Kernel
Step 3: Phone model
Step 4: Modules
Step 5: Languages
Step 6: Additional classes
Step 7: Application name
Step 8: Statuses
Step 9: X-statuses
Step 10: Private statuses
Step 11: Clients icons
Step 12: Server lists icons
Step 13: Static smiles
Step 14: Animated PNG-smiles
Step 15: Color themes
Step 16: Logo
Step 17: Background
Step 18: Message icons
Step 19: Authorization icon
Step 20: Happiness icon
Step 21: FS Icons
Step 22: Application icon
Step 23: Sounds
Step 24: Build
Step 25: Build loading
Step 1: «Start»
      You are in the "Online constructor for modification Jimm by aspro".
      Here you can build last version of this midlet with any modules and resources you like.
      This constructor is designed special for this modification, so here you are allowed to use all advantages of this mod, such as selection between multiple kernels, platforms, languages, resources and so on.
      Moreover this constructor is optimized for mobile browsing – it doesn't need JavaScript support and render well on narrow-screen devices.
      In spite of that constructor has very much steps, you should not worry about this: when you will return to the constructor later, it will remember you and all your choices. You will only need to go to the "Build loading" step to get link for downloading midlet with all chosen resources but based on new application kernel. By the way you should pass sometimes through all steps to discover new resources that you don't know yet.
  • About all bugs and errors in constructor please write at our forum in topic «Errors, bugs and wishes in constructor» (you could write in English).
  • If you have interesting resources that fit well to our program, please attach them at our forum in topic «Resources from users» (you could write in English).
  • If you're an author of any resource in constructor but it hasn't your copyright, or has wrong copyright, or you want to remove your resource from our constructor, please write about it at our forum in topic «Legal copyright violations in constructor» (you could write in English).
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